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EH Hassim Hardware Lay-by Terms

EH Hassim Hardware is all about making your life easier and what better way than offering you flexible payment options with a company with 126 Years of hardware heritage.


EH Hassim Lay-By Options

How it Works?

Get a quotation today and pay for your products monthly at an amount and term that suits you and collect your stock when you have paid your account in FULL.

Choose between:

• 3- Month

• 6- Month

• 12- Month


Bring with to Open:

• 10% Deposit on the total Lay-by amount.

• Proof of identification – ID/Driver’s License.


We will provide you with

• Lay-by record book


Lay-by Terms & Conditions

• Lay-by is only offered on Full Priced items, and is not valid for ANY item on promotion, nor on selected products in store. i.e Cement.

• Payments are to be made regularly and at the set amount, however the Lay-b can be paid off sooner than the chosen term. All payments – Bank Transfers and EFTS need to be made into

EH Hassim Hardware Bank account with the Lay-by account number as the reference number.

• Payment can also be made via cash payment in-store using the same account number.

• No Interest is Charged, there are no hidden costs and No Administrations fees on any Lay-by account.

• Payments need to be made with-in the agreed Lay-by term time frame. It is the responsibility of the client that has entered into the Lay-by agreement to ensure all the payments are made with-in the prescribed time.

• The Lay-by agreement expires upon the final payment of the agreed term or upon the final payment of the total amount of the Lay-by, which-ever comes first.

• It is the responsibility of the client to arrange collection upon the final payment. With reference to the above note.

• Proof of identity as well as proof of “payment”- account book is required upon collection of goods of expiry of the lay-by.

• Collection of the lay-by goods must be done by the “account” holder. If not, proof of identification of the lay-by holder as well as a letter stating that the goods can be realised on your behalf is required.

• EH Hassim Hardware will only release any stock upon Full payment.

• EH Hassim Hardware reserves the right to adjust a price in unforeseen circumstances on terms longer than 6 Months and or substitute a product.

• All the products on Lay-by remains the responsibility and property of EH Hassim Hardware for safe keeping until the products have issued/delivered/released to the Consumer. Likewise, all instalments paid by the Consumer to EH Hassim Hardware, remains the property of the Consumer, until the products have been delivered/released to the Consumer

• Cancellation by EH Hassim Hardware: if the goods become unavailable due to circumstances beyond EH Hassim Hardware’s control, EH Hassim Hardware may cancel the Layby. Following cancellation, EH Hassim Hardware will refund the payments received in full this will be done via electronic transfer and the company will request a proof of banking from the client.

• Cancellation by Consumer: You may cancel the Lay-by within a 30-day period, by written notice and a copy of your ID sent to the store of purchase and request that the Layby be cancelled. Once the request is approved, EH Hassim Hardware will refund the payments received within 7 days from the date of approval Customized items are strictly non-refundable as they cannot be resold once purchased. Special Orders are also not refundable. Refunds less 10% termination charge will be paid within 7 days after the customers banking details have been given to EH Hassim Hardware Hardware.

• Returns / Exchanges / Refunds: All returns and or refunds will be governed by our returns policy. Customized items and special order are strictly




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