AWARD (1st place)






AWARD (1st place)





Company History

E.H. Hassim Builders World has hardware stores in and around Limpopo. Since 1895, E.H Hassim Builders World has built it's reputation by offering high building material and functional hardware products at an exceptional value. The company proudly offers its extensive line of hardware products through fine retail outlets in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. As we stand today E.H Hassim Builders World looks forward to a bright future by continuing to respond to its customers’ needs through unmatched superior customer service, outstanding quality, new & exciting range of product lines.


E.H. Hassim Builders World is a leading building materials supplier in Limpopo, with hardware stores in Polokwane and Mokopane. Assuming the responsibility as an early risk taker in the industry the company has come to win the respect of local government and emerging contractors over the years. As a resemblance of how best we strive to be over the years, our efforts were rewarded as we won the coveted Govan Mbeki Award in 2008/2009 for the best building material and hardware supplier in the Province. This award comes in the wake of numerous other service awards issued to the company by Provincial Government. Previously we have won the PMR Gold Award in 2005 – from the Professional Management Review for the Best Building Material Supplier in the province. We also won the PMR Diamond Award (1st place) for Best Building Material Supplier in Limpopo for the year 2015 and 2016 Consecutively.


E.H. Hassim Builders World has it's origins in Mokopane. Established in 1895, this family owned business developed over the years from a general dealer into a dedicated hardware business and eventually matured into a fully fledged building materials and hardware supplier. Much of its success corresponds with the emergence of our new democratic South Africa.


The year 2017 has seen some changes in the trading name as the company moves away from E.H. Hassim Builders World to E.H. Hassim Hardware Group. E.H. Hassim Hardware currently comprises E.H Hassim Hardware Mokopane,  Polokwane and Discount Build Mokopane.



Work together as a team, putting you at the centre of everything we do. Deliver a service that feels effortless, is consistent, seamless and error free. Keep you informed at all times - we know that your time is precious. We will deliver within 3 working days across Limpopo Province after the delivery process has been confirmed by the client unless specified otherwise.








WE STRIVE Work together as a team, putting you at the centre of everything we do...


We will use your feedback to improve our processes and proactively work with you to deliver solutions that reduce costs and increase quality. We do work hard, but we work smarter. We are open to change that will play a positive role in improving customer service. We will closely listen, learn and respond to your needs.








EXCELLENCE We will use your feedback to improve our processes and proactively...


We promise to be accessible when you need us and will communicate with you accurately and consistently. We guarantee to be available within normal business hours and respond to all e-mail enquiries urgently. We are open seven days a week including Public Holidays as well as during lunch hours.








ACCESSIBILITY We promise to be accessible when you need us and will communicate...


We promise to be reliable and worthy of your trust. We guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of any information we acquire from you as a customer and will not divulge that information to any third party for any purpose without your prior consent.








PRIVACY We promise to be reliable and worthy of your trust... 

Our Values:

Customer Service

Honesty and Integrity




Personal Development



Superior Supplier Relationship:

As E.H Hassim Builders World we value our pride with excellent supplier relationship that enables us to supply every client with quality building materials and hardware at any given time.


Our relationship made us to be associated with strong brands in building material and hardware industry such that a client is presented with a variety of strong brands under one roof. Our stocks will never fall short to the client’s needs, all because our supplier are a call away to complement us and meet your needs.


Our promise is to always be there to suit your needs in different quantities.

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E.H. Hassim Hardware Group is a renowned leading building materials and hardware supplier originating from Mokopane (Potgietersrus) in Limpopo province.


E.H. Hassim Hardware Group has successfully steered it’s way in the building, construction and hardware industry for several decades, enduring the teething turbulent economic conditions along the way.


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